Dishwasher Repair Burbank

There’s nothing worse than having a broken dishwasher, especially when you have to start washing all those plates again by hand. Let us take care of it for you. GE, Samsung, Miele, LG, Kitchenaid, Amana, Kenmore, Bosch, Whirlpool – we service them all.

Broken dishwasher door? Missing seals? Dishwasher not cleaning your plates properly? Quick & Pro Burbank dishwasher repair team can repair your dishwasher fast.

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Dishwasher Repair Burbank

Dishwasher Repair Burbank

Quick & Pro Appliance Repair Burbank

A dishwasher is an integral part of a modern household. Today, we cannot imagine living without it. It is a high-tech appliance that helps run the home effectively without losing time. If your dishwasher is not working correctly, opt for Quick & Pro Appliance Repair for dishwasher repair, Burbank. With more than ten years of experience in the field, our personable team of technicians works to offer the best service to every client, irrespective of the scope of the project at hand. Our customer base relies on our commitment, proper diagnosis, careful treatment, and time efficiency. In addition, due to these qualities, we have a high rate of repeat business.

Many of our customers have been with us since the beginning, as they rely on our friendly and reliable services. No matter what the nature of your appliance repair is, our team dispatches on time to help you. We understand how surviving with a household appliance is; therefore, we value your time.

The guy was professional and repaired the dryer (60s or 70s Maytag) quickly. Best price i could find and guided me to find the part number. Highly recommended.
kornaz N
05:36 03 Nov 21
Garry was really good. Overdeliver and underpromises. Diagnosed and fixed the washer well within the estimated timeframe. Highly recommended.
Paul Wang
20:50 24 Jan 22
Garry was great. His communication over the phone was prompt and clear. He came over to take a look at our old dishwasher that was not draining properly. He quickly diagnosed the issue and explained it to me clearly. I paid a deposit for the repairs, but my property manager ended up not wanting to do the repairs. Garry was very accommodating and refunded me my deposit.
David Huynh
22:11 11 Feb 19
We used Gary to repair our dryer. His professionalism struck me immediately over the phone. This wasn’t an easy job. They did it with Arthur his tech. Their rate reasonable & most importantly no surprises.3 months later yesterday I needed some info from to fight with sears he came to our rescue again.He’s heaven sent. Polite. Helpful. And he knows his job.Thanks Gary.
Nej Barbs
04:09 19 Dec 19
The dryer broke Tuesday. My work schedule is erratic and exhausting. I found Q&P through Google and booked my Saturday appt online.I was given the window of 12-3 but at 10:45am received a text they were coming in 15 minutes. Their serviceman Gary assessed the problem and spent over an hour disassembling my dryer, cleaning it out (22 years old and never serviced: my bad) spending well over an hour on the job. He fixed the problem and the price, I felt, was quite reasonable.I had been mentally prepared to shell out $1k for a new dryer. Instead, I spent a couple of hundred, saved my dryer and was introduced to the company I will now go to for any appliance repairs.I am one very happy customer.
Tamara Johnson
16:38 09 Feb 20
Gary replaced the water pump on my LG front loading washing machine.He has lot of experience, replaced it with the OEM part. Very fair price. I called two others from Yelp, their prices were much higher.Very professional and knowledgeable. I will refer him in the future.
Henry Kim
21:12 20 Jul 22
I had a problem with my washer. Garry scheduled an appointment with a Tech Artur and he did his best to satisfy my expectations. It took him a few minutes to find and diagnose a problem. Fortunately, he had a spare part to solve the issue within an hour. The price quote was fear and the working attitude is on top level. Highly recommending these guys as a good example nice organized family business. Pleasure to deal with them.
Irina Amirova
04:44 10 Aug 22
Great, fast service! Garry diagnosed the problem and fixed my washing machine within a week after another company said it would take 3 weeks. He was friendly and professional.
Alana Chirino
17:40 14 Oct 18
Gary was very professional and pleasant in helping us fix our washer and dryer. He was quick to respond and would recommend him to anyone.
Dolores Estrine
02:36 25 Jul 18
So pleased! Artur diagnosed and fixed our dishwasher quickly. All the coordination was done via text and I got updates about when he would arrive (which is rare from handypeople!). And then…when a week later I accidentally put the wrong soap in my dishwasher and thought (incorrectly) there was another problem, he came out within an hour to take a look and gave me some tips about dishwasher maintenance. Such a reliable company!
Reba Buhr
07:14 11 Nov 22
After calling more than 12 repair services who were either nonresponsive or would not work on LG dishwashers I called Garry who came out within 2 days, correctly diagnosed the problem, got the part, scheduled Arturo to do the repair all in under 2 weeks! Great communication, very professional and the best part- my dishwasher is as good as new. So very appreciative!
Velda Mowry
22:17 15 Nov 22
Garry fixed my oven – same day service, he had the parts available. Fair price and excellent service. Will use again
22:36 11 Nov 22
Any time my appliances break (which is often), I call these guys. They are always responsive and they get the job done as quickly as humanly possible.They are my go-to repair service for every appliance
Anne-Marie Valencia
19:45 21 Nov 22
I’m so glad that I found these guys on Google. Garry and Arthur came to my house for a very reasonable service fee for the estimates (far less than most of the guys out there). Then Arthur came to fix my dishwasher and dryer few days later for a very affordable price. Just like their name, QUICK AND PRO!
Jacob Lee
01:31 15 Jan 23
Quick response and efficient service! Garrywas professional and fixed my LG dryer quickly. Also was able to work around my schedule and communicated well.
07:47 13 Jan 23
Quick response and excellent work installing our new exhaust hood! Would definitely recommend for installation or repair.
Rick Howe
03:54 21 Feb 23
Honest quotes and high quality work. I highly recommend Quick & Pro. No high pressure sales tactics. The quoted price was what it costs. Prompt and professional. Very responsive and a good communicator. My fridge is working perfectly now. Thank you Garry
Baurzhan Nauryzbayev
20:10 20 Feb 23
Garen was wonderful to work with. He explained everything he was doing and fixed my washer/dryer very quickly. He was kind and personable. I will definitely be using them for all my appliance repair in the future. Very professional and knowledgeable. Was on time and worked quickly to resolve the issues we had with our dryer. Reasonably priced and didn’t try to push extra costs. Highly recommendable.
Arthur Sarkisian
17:36 27 Feb 23
Great experience working with Garry! He came out same day to fix an issue with the dishwasher, efficient and thorough. Would hire again!
03:15 23 Feb 23

Emergency Dishwasher Repair Services in Burbank, LA

Quick & Pro Appliance Repair - Dishwasher Repair Burbank

Complex machinery, like a dishwasher, requires constant and proper maintenance. If some of the parts of your dishwasher wear out, it might cause the system to break down. What if you cannot imagine even a day going without a dishwasher? Fret not. At Quick & Pro Appliance Repair, we offer emergency dishwasher repair services in Burbank, LA. Our technicians are able to tackle all the technical issues. Moreover, our skilled team uses high-quality and advanced equipment to repair damaged or malfunctioning appliances. Not to mention, our work ethic makes us one of the best names on the market. In light of this, we make our customers our topmost priority. Furthermore, we are always ready to go the extra mile for our customers.

To provide the best dishwasher repair Burbank services, we never compromise on quality.  Get in touch with us, and we will offer the best possible solution for your dishwasher woes.

Same or Next Day Dishwasher Service in Burbank

We Serve Burbank and Surrounding Areas

If you do not want to bend over the sink to do the dishes, contact our same or next-day dishwasher service in Burbank, LA. All dishwasher owners have to face problems one day. Common issues include poor cleaning, white lime residue on the dishes, water not heating, water not feeding to the machine, water leaking from the appliance, water draining from the machine, foul smell, or circuit breaker tripping. If you are not facing any of these issues, the issue might be more or less like this. In the above cases, a component of your dishwasher needs to be replaced or repaired. Moreover, the problem might be with a heating element, drain pump, main control board, connection parts, or motor. Such issues can only be detected and treated by a professional. Contact us for the best dishwasher repair Burbank services, and we will be ready to help.

Free Service Call with Any Repairs and Work Warranty

Quick & Pro Appliance Repair offers free service call with any repairs and work warranty. If you choose us for a service call and let us complete it, our team waives the service call. Furthermore, we offer a work warranty of 30 days on labor and five years on replaced parts. Therefore, we are considered the most reliable service repair. No one wants a damaged dishwasher that isn’t working. Not only because it causes trouble, but it costs a lot to replace. In addition, we offer an exclusive price range that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Consequently, you do not have to worry about costs with us. Our able technicians will come to your house on one call, detect the problem, solve the issue and provide you with a work warranty as well. Contact us for the best in dishwasher repair, Burbank.

Have a problem with your dishwasher?

There can be a variety of issues wrong with your dishwasher. But don’t worry, it is a rare occurrence when we can’t do something to help it. So, if you have a problem with your dishwasher, contact us at Quick & Pro Burbank Appliances. Our technicians are ready to service your appliance at your home.

My dishwasher won’t start

If your dishwasher doesn’t start, this could be due to an unreliable power source. Check the electrical outlets. Check the fuse box and see if you have blown a fuse. You can also test the power source by plugging in another device to ensure that there is power going to the outlet. If that doesn’t work, check the door latch or door switch. Dishwashers will not operate if there are issues with the door. It will prevent the wash cycle from stopping to save you a mess from water spraying outside of the unit. Push on the latch and see if it is stuck. If there are no problems with your power source or door, it is likely due to a complex issue with the dishwashing unit’s electronic controls. Meaning, it is time to contact us for your dishwasher repair, Burbank. Call us at Quick & Pro Burbank Appliances, and we will have your dishwasher working again fast.

The dishwasher will not fill or won’t stop filling

Without a steady water source, your dishwasher will not operate at peak efficiency. Then, your dishwasher might stop filling with water, or it might not stop filling with water. For this problem, it is a defective water inlet valve that is stuck open or shut. If the inlet valve is malfunctioning, it will not pull water into your unit. Conversely, it may continue to fill your dishwasher despite having the right amount of water. Other causes of this issue may be a defunct dishwasher float or float switch. This component lets the appliance know when it has the right amount of water and can stop working correctly if your dishwasher gets too gunked up with debris and food waste in the machine. This is why cleaning the inside and outside of your dishwasher is so essential. It is also good to ensure that you scrape off food waste before loading a dirty dish into the dishwasher. Nevertheless, this is a problem that we can fix for you. Just reach out to us at Quick & Pro Burbank Appliances.

My dishwasher will not drain

A dishwasher that won’t drain is a problem ready to happen, wreaking havoc by causing your dishwasher to flood and cause further damage to your kitchen and home. The most common reason for a dishwasher that will not drain is a problem with the check valve in the dishwasher’s drain sump. If it doesn’t move freely, it will need replacing, and you may even need a new motor or drain sump. For this issue, it is best to hire a professional dishwasher repair service like us at Quick & Pro Burbank Appliances. We have technicians ready to repair your malfunctioning dishwasher. We are the best in the region for dishwasher repair, Burbank!

Professional and Certified Dishwasher Technicians Burbank

Quick & Pro Appliance Repair - Dishwasher Repair Burbank

Our professional and certified dishwasher technicians, Burbank, offer very affordable prices to our customers. Also, if you want to have the best dishwasher repair solutions without looking at your wallet in dismay, we are the right choice. Our technicians do not compromise on the quality. We always put quality before anything else, making us a leading dishwasher repair company. We train your team in a series of intense training sessions that involve learning a wide variety of electronic appliances. Therefore, the team only uses effective techniques to repair your brand. If you face any dishwasher damage signs, do not wait for it to worsen. Get in touch with us to book an appointment with us. Our team of high professionals has a solution to every dishwasher problem. We aim to help every resident by offering a high-quality dishwasher service.